Team Philosophy

Allow us to introduce ourselves; we are the coaches of team MVJ.

Our team philosophy comes not only from providing basic needs to our team, like paychecks, benefits and opportunities, our meaning involves an even higher calling.  We coach team members to act on their intrinsic motivation, we provide fairness between all members, and make sure our team is rewarded and recognized consistently and constantly.  Coaching versus Managing at MJV is the foundation of our business success.  Coaching new team members through basic training, personal enrichment and adapting to our customer’s workplaces not only provides for lower turnover but reduces the learning curves for new employees, hence allowing for a seamless transition with staff changes.  In the end coaching is much easier and more effective than managing.  The majority of new employees for any company want to help others and find meaning in what they do.  It is very difficult to have meaning in life without meaningful work, our Coaches understand this and are committed to recognize this daily in our Team MJV team members.

Marc Vaughn, Executive Officer

People that believe “nice guys finish last” most likely haven’t met Marc Vaughn. The Founder and Executive Officer of MJV Group, Inc. has built a business around being honest, likable and trustworthy while remaining aggressive in a field of fierce competition. Marc, instilled with these time honored values at an early age, began his quest as an entrepreneur while finishing a double major degree in finance and consumer affairs from Purdue University. While working his way through college with multiple low wage positions Marc learned of many frustrations from managers with their custodial staffs. He recognized a need to change the way companies operate the cleaning of their facilities. He militated for change in the industry delivering to customers a more efficient, healthier and less expense means to clean their buildings. Not only did he offer them a commitment that his methods would be more successful he made sure that the change was discreetly performed with only positive influences. Marc has found a way in this ever changing world to lead, motivate and inspire or “Coach” his team to endless victories through manageable changes. His commitment to his community is obvious with years of working with youths, charitable organizations and several committee and board positions. He has focused MJV’s generosity to returning time and endless investments into communities that have supported the company. Ingenuity, excellence, commitment and trust, are all powerful words that formed the foundation Marc Vaughn has built. These words all hold up the simple statement he has for the company, “Quality 24 hours a day”, that’s TEAM MJV’s mission and that’s his promise you have his word on it!

Roger Ford, Regional Business Coordinator

Personal: Lives in Bringhurst, IN with his lovely wife. He has one daughter and three wonderful grandchildren. Hobbies: Roger likes to go camping and fishing in his spare time. He enjoys spending time in the Great Smoky Mountains for fun and relaxation. Goals: Climb the ladder of success by developing and promoting others around you to achieve their full potential.
Favorite Quote: Never, Never, Never, Give Up! Roger is currently Director of Operations for Team MJV and works closely with the Operation Managers and management team. He has worked for Team MJV since April 1997. He has sold janitorial equipment and supplies, been responsible for training personnel and assisted in opening numerous accounts. Roger enjoys being involved with training and new account start-ups. He has attended and participated in several seminars, training programs, equipment shows, floor care, leadership and motivational workshops. Roger knows and understands that to be successful in our business, we need to equip our team with knowledge, skills, proper equipment, chemicals, leadership and empower our managers to go out and get the job done. Roger believes we must surround ourselves with excellent leaders to continue to grow our business.

Bill Leavell, Regional Business Coordinator

Personal: My name is Bill Leavell and I live in the Indianapolis area.
Hobbies: I love to play golf and I am a sport’s junky.
Goals: To touch as many Team Members lives in a positive way and hope they realize their full potential.
Quote: “: It’s not over, till it’s over!” – Yogi Berra.
The game may seem to be out of reach, but it is not over until the last out is made. Anything can happen!
Bill is the Regional Business Coordinator for the Southern Region of Indiana. He is a graduate of Indiana Central University (now the University of Indianapolis). His academic background is in Accounting and Economics. Upon graduation, Bill worked for the Indiana Department of Transportation for numerous years, in Accounting and managed in several capacities. Then changed to the Service Industry, where he managed in different capacities and was ultimately Area Manager with full day-to-day operations and financial decision making. His experience has taught him to appreciate the clients and appreciate his team members even more.

Goldie Ford, Regional Business Coordinator

Personal: Lives in Bringhurst, IN with her husband. They have one daughter and three wonderful grandchildren.
Hobbies: Goldie enjoys fishing, camping, reading and spending time with her family.
Goals: Continue to educate myself so that I can help others.
Favorite Quote: “If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost!” Zig Ziglar
Goldie has worked in the corporate office of MJV since November 2004. Her duties include payroll, administrative assistant, phone receptionist, timekeeping, managing personnel files, ordering, and the company newsletter. Goldie has also assisted in several new account start-ups allowing her to gain valuable knowledge on how our company operates.
Goldie’s extended studies include photography, computer and art. She is a member of the National Poetry Society, winning the Editor’s Choice Award in 2000.

Angela Johnson

Building Service Consultant

Angela is a Building Service Consultant for the Northwest Indiana / Michigan area. She graduated from Decatur Senior High in Michigan. She comes to Team MJV with over 35 years of customer service. Angela recognizes the importance of great customer service and will work every possible angle to achieve it. Angela believes a team effort is crucial for long term success. She is committed to building loyalty at every opportunity. Angela is honored and dedicated to be part of a team that believes in integrity and personal growth.