Hector Perdigon, CSS, Regional Coordinator

A native New Yorker by way of South Florida, Hector joined Team MJV in the Spring of 2019 as the Regional Business Coordinator for South Central Indiana. Hector recently relocated to Southern Indiana to be closer to his wife’s family.

For the last 20 years Hector has been in multiple warehouse and industrial positions such as: Inside Sales, Warehouse Manager, Purchasing Manager, Facilities Manager, etc. During this tenure in the warehousing industry, Hector has learned the ropes of what it takes to run a smooth and successful operation. His expertise of overseeing employees successfully has led him to increase work productivity and revenue by performing tasks safely and effectively through setting new standard operating procedures. Hector’s skills of multi-dimensional communication and an ability to recognize, act upon, and fulfill customer wishes/needs in order to ensure their continued, and positive, relationship with the business is key for growth here at Team MJV.

The key strengths that Hector possesses for himself and his team include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Provide exceptional customer service for all customers.
• Strive for continued excellence of not only oneself but for the company.
• Strong logistics skills that require multitasking.
• Confident, Honorable, Personable, Reliable & Eager to learn.

Hector enjoys sports such as baseball, basketball, golf, and has been a volunteer coach for several youth sports organizations for the last 25 years. Hector resides in Columbus, Indiana with his wife, Brittany and their young son Jackson. Hector also has 2 older boys: Hector Jose and Christopher who reside in Florida and both are in college pursing their dreams of becoming first responders.