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TEAM Philosophy

Our 'team' philosophy comes not only from providing basic needs to our janitorial services team like paychecks, benefits and opportunities, but more from an even higher calling.  We coach team members to act on their intrinsic motivation, we provide fairness between all, and make sure our team is rewarded and recognized consistently and constantly. 

New team members want to help others and find meaning in what they do.  It is very difficult to have meaning in life without meaningful work, our Coaches understand this and are committed to recognize this daily within our Team MJV Team Members.

Ongoing Bonuses

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MJV Career Path

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  • What will my responsibilities be?
    Basic janitorial responsibilities include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, emptying trash and stocking paper products. Based on the individual site location you're hired at, there may be opportunities for run a walk behind floor scrubber or clean interior / exterior windows. Once you meet with you Site Coach, you will discuss your preferred tasks and get detailed training to do so.
  • Do I need to provide any cleaning supplies?
    All equipment, supplies and tools are provided by Team MJV.
  • What ways can I advance in your company?
    Team MJV prides ourselves on promoting within! Each role in our company comes with an opportunity for advancement. From site and area leadership roles to Regional Management, we are consistently looking for stand out team members to move up the ladder.
  • How can I get more hours?
    We do offer flexible schedules, and can provide you with more hours at other accounts if they are not available at the account you were hired for. Once introduced to your direct supervisor, you will work with them on a schedule that meets your exact needs!
  • Do you pay weekly or biweekly?
    We currently offer biweekly pay. Team Members are able to choose direct deposit or a complimentary pay card.
  • What is the dress code?
    At MJV, we pride ourselves on professionalism and pride in the work we do. We share this with our customers by having uniformed Team Members. Uniforms consist of black or tan pants and a MJV t-shirt, sweatshirt or polo. We also provide MJV logo'ed ballcaps

MC001252 MJV Group Inc No Surprises Act (NSA):

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