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Bobby Roettger

Regional Coordinator

Northeastern Indiana 

For the past 27+ years, Bobby has been VLK Director of Military Operations, training Tier 1 and Tier 2 Special Ops personnel, and dogs. He has managed 14+ trainers embedded with the United States military special ops overseas during war time and up to 35 trainers strategically located around the United States. He has been a big part of coordinating the training of dog teams for pre-deployment at military bases around the world. Bobby has also teamed up with US allies, and special forces in foreign countries to conduct training of canine teams and do seminars as well. Bobby has been a big part of training and consulting canine teams for the Pentagon, national security agency, United States, Secret Service, and multiple police agencies throughout the United States and around the world. Bobby remained as a consultant for multiple military programs and police agencies throughout the United States and abroad. 

Due to a career ending injury that changed the course of his life, Coach Bobby was referred to and started working with Team MJV in 2023 as the Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinator managing several accounts and team members in the region.  He is quickly acquiring above industry standard processes with hands-on training and is a strong asset in talent acquisition given his background.  Coach Bobby works closely with his Director of Operations, Tim Knox, to develop his janitorial knowledge, while bringing new and innovative leadership ideas to the team.


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