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Rebecca White

Rebecca White

Director of Operations

• Improve my understanding of our industry and our competitors. Get closer to our customers and find out what they need and value.
• Be a leader to team members by paying attention and being a good listener
• Encouraging and inspiring team members to attain their own personal goals and reach their potential to help me become a better leader.

Rebecca graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Selling and Sales Management and a minor in Organization Leadership Supervision. She spent two years after college as a Business Service Consultant for Team MJV, before accepting a job with Aramark Uniform Services as an Account Executive. Two years after working at Aramark, Rebecca was promoted to Major Account Executive, where she worked with Account Executives to qualify and close new, mid-tier business. She also worked with the service team to build-out existing business by introducing and upselling new product lines. Her experience working with both sales and operations will be extremely helpful when working with Team MJV customers and team members.


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