Will Piasecki

Regional Coordinator

Northwestern Indiana 

Coach Will, a lifelong resident of South Bend, has been in the janitorial industry for over a decade now.  He started out as a custodian for the local school system, following in his father's footsteps; a custodian himself for 25 years.  After only 5 years, he became a building engineer, where he oversaw the care and maintenance of a local grade school.  With experience in floor care, cleaning, leadership, and a passion for organization he came to Team MJV at the beginning of 2022.  He started out as an Area Coach but quickly became the Regional Coordinator for Team MJV's Northwestern Region.  His favorite part of the janitorial industry is the "step-back moment."  When you can take a moment to appreciate seeing a job that's clean, shiny, and well organized.


When he's not at work, Coach Will loves to spend time with his wife and their four cats.  He also loves playing golf with his father and is a fan of formula one racing.  He is also a self-proclaimed Star Wars super-fan.


His favorite saying, "I did not wake up today to be mediocre."